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Philip Todd

Saltire Software, Tigard, OR
Tigard, OR
I am a mathematically trained software engineer who started programming in high school in Scotland at the same time as Bill Gates in Seattle. Except he had access to a computer. Our teacher graded our programs by hand.

I graduated from college when Steve Jobs brought out the Apple II, and went to work analyzing secondary radar for the British version of the AWAC aircraft. We programmed on paper tape, which was shipped by courier to be run on the offsite computer.

20 years later I wrote an algebra system for a calculator with more on-board memory than that AWAC aircraft.

My Leaders Sessions

Monday, June 23

8:15am EDT

4:45pm EDT

Tuesday, June 24

10:30am EDT

Wednesday, June 25

10:30am EDT

Thursday, June 26

9:15am EDT