Welcome to the 30th Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology being held June 22 - June 27, 2014 at Phillips Exeter Academy. If this is your first time to the conference, use our interactive map to get to know the campus. Registration is held at the Phelps Academy Center and classes are primarily in the Phelps Science Center or the Academy Center.  You can find your dorm by using the buiding filters.  Your conference "Welcome Letter" includes your dorm assignment.  Please note on the map, the dorms are listed as male or female.  The gender assignment of the dorms may change the week of the conference based on our needs.  
     Using the schedule below, you can build your individual schedule by clicking on the "star" of the sessions you will attend.  For your (2) weeklong courses, please refer to your "Welcome Letter" for courses listed by period.  
     Our Conference within a Conference (CWIC) sessions are included in this schedule.  During your free time, you can attend as many CWIC sessions as you’d like. You do not have to pre-register for CWIC sessions, these are open to all to attend.  Just "star" the sessions you are interested in attending. Your individual schedule will be created.  You can print it or push it to a mobile device.


Stuart Moskowitz

Humboldt State University Math Dept
Redwood Coast Northern California
Stuart loves to play with puzzles when he's not teaching math. Even more, Stuart loves to use puzzles to teach math. Besides puzzles, Stuart has a passion for history and technology as ways to make math come alive for students. Throughout Stuart's 20 years teaching teacher-prep courses, he has led workshops, been a math coach, chaired math conferences, and authored books and resource materials. As a National T-Cubed instructor, Stuart has led over 400 workshops across the country, in Europe, and in Africa teaching teachers and future teachers appropriate uses for calculators.